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I am a certified Nutrition and Weight Management coach. I believe that everyone can and should be empowered to live a healthier life. I am not a super athlete, I don’t lift heavy weights, I’m not a die-hard gym goer nor do I take part in extreme sports.

I started my working life in finance, it was a highly stressful environment, and after work I would go drinking and eating with colleagues and having a laugh to relieve the stress. I was a junk food vegetarian I ate everything except meat. I was always tired, irritable and low energy. I’ve been through the pain and struggles of trying the latest fad diets without any success of losing weight. The weight just piled on. The worst diet I tried was eating something which could only best be described as eating chalk. I cannot remember the name of it but I want you to know that I have been there. At my heaviest I was 101kg (210lb). Enough was enough, I started to look into healthy lifestyle changes that would help me to get my energy back and lose weight. Largely because of my interest in healthy living I have gained certification in Nutrition & Weight Management and Wellness Coaching. Through my ongoing studies and through my life experiences I want to bring quality science-based information to as many people as possible.

My aim is to empower people to break away from the restrictive diet mindset and discover a simple proven approach to a healthy lifestyle and lasting weight loss without the gimmicks. I help my clients to reconnect with their body’s natural signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction, and to have a healthier long-term relationship with food and exercise.

My one to one coaching is effective as it is customized for your own personal situation. I work with you to make a plan of action to achieve the success you want. My approach does not involve meal plans, calorie counting, or any supplements.


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