I’m not a super athlete, I don’t lift heavy weights, I’m not a die-hard gym goer nor do I take part in extreme sports. I am a certified Nutrition and Weight Management coach and I believe that everyone can and should be empowered to live a healthier life. I was a junk food vegetarian I ate everything except meat. I was always tired, irritable, and low energy. I’ve been through the pain and struggles of trying the latest fad diets without any success in losing weight until I changed my lifestyle.

My aim is to empower people to break away from the restrictive diet mindset and discover a simple proven approach to a healthy lifestyle and lasting weight loss without the gimmicks. I help my clients to reconnect with their body’s natural signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction, and to have a healthier long-term relationship with food and exercise.

Get in touch if you are ready to make simple changes that can lead to a healthier, happier you.