Cook More Meals At Home

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When you cook more meals at home, not only do you tend to eat healthier, but you can also save time, money, and calories.

If you cook a meal and make a double or triple batch, you’ll have leftovers for lunches or another dinner. By cooking once and eating two or three times, you are being extremely efficient with your time, money, and calories. It’s much easier to eat healthy when you’re the one selecting the ingredients and preparing the meals. I know it takes more time to plan and prepare yourself, but if you are looking to lose or maintain weight, feel better, and save money, it’s definitely worth the effort. What nights can you plan to cook at home this week?

Need dinner ideas? There are so many great websites for recipe ideas including, and my favorite

If life is just way too hectic, you can use meal delivery services like Hellofresh, Cropbox, Mindful Chef, Fit Kitchen This option is super convenient!

What one action step can you take this week to prepare more meals at home?