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Food Diary Analysis

To support you in making improvements to your diet and your health, find out if your current eating and drinking habits address your energy and macronutrient intake. A food diary analysis examines your dietary intake to make sure that it is well balanced and meeting your objectives. This is great for the motivated individual that just needs the right information to help them plan their health goals. I can help you to learn more about your diet and where to make changes.


Lifestyle Change Coaching

Healthy living is a life long effort. A healthy lifestyle change helps you improve your health and well-being which can reduce your risk of chronic diseases. I can help you achieve your well life vision.


Sports Nutrition and Exercise Coaching

Saturday mornings are now your favorite time of the week. You've already made great progress towards a fitter, healthier body. You are cycling, running, swimming or maybe getting ready for the ironman competition. You know there's more you can do to get in peak condition. The right foods can help you recover faster and less injuries. Your diet may need tweaking to support your higher energy demand. If you are ready to move to the next level in fitness and sport, I will coach you to improve your eating habits and get the best fitness and sports results. Contact me for a free no obligation chat to discover if this is the right solution for you.

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