What Does “Junk Food” Mean?

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We’ve all heard the term “junk food” banded around for most of our lives, but what does it mean? The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “food that is not good for your health because it is high in fat, sugar or artificial substances”.

It is true that junk food is high in calories from sugar or fat, no dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, or other important nutrients. Some people say that all food is healthy in moderation and any food can be junk food in excess. I’m not sure that I subscribe to that school of thought. Or the other one, “you only live once, so enjoy yourself”. If you are living you want to be in the best health possible. I know I do.

Eating junk food every day in moderation isn’t going to kill you instantly if it did you wouldn’t eat it anymore. It’s a slow death, it robs us of our health, and in later years our independence, it makes us reliant on others. I saw a documentary a month or so ago about care homes, the cost in developed countries for looking after the elderly is so astronomical that some people were sending their elderly parents to developing countries to be looked after by people they don’t know because the cost there is much lower. What kind of thing is that? That doesn’t solve the problem.

I’m sure none of us wants to be a burden to our loved ones, that is why we should be making improvements to our health now while we can. Each one of us individually and collectively must make our health a priority, we have to be responsible for our own health. We can do that by taking simple actions like eating real foods. You can enjoy the pleasures of good eating without worrying about whether you are getting enough antioxidants or whatever. Healthy eating is not complicated, you just have to eat real foods; foods that are not highly processed.

If you are consuming a nutritionally poor diet you may need to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. Most people don’t need to take supplements and can get all the vitamins and minerals they need from their diet. If you are thinking of taking supplements you should consult your healthcare provider first. Some people choose to take supplements but taking too much and too long can do more harm than good.

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